June 12, 2015

Wine and Food Pairing At Que Pasa

Wine and Food Pairing relies a lot on personal preference as well as taste. Sometimes you might find a pairing that simply blows you away but also there are times your taste buds may react in agony. However, most of the wine and food pairings tend to fall in the middle. It’s worth noting that a major selection of the wines tend to blend well with most foods but it’s good to have some more insight on how to become an expert in food and wine pairing.
Recently, we hosted a Wine and Food pairing event which was conducted by our very own executive chef, Chef Anthony. The reviews from the guests were quite impressive and here is a recap from Chef Anthony on how it went down:

Wine & Food Paring
You recently did a wine pairing event. How did you come up with the dishes?
The concept I put on display was based on unique flavors. I wanted people to have tastes that will leave them asking for more. I had quite strange ingredients that blended so well and also worked well with the flavors of the wines. More so, I was impressed by the reviews the guests made with regards to the pairing and the fact that every dish I made was consumed wholesomely is a definite plus on my side. All in all in terms of the dishes the event went on quite well.
What’s the hardest dish you have ever made for these events?
Goat fetter cheese starter with strawberry and butternut. This dish is quite intense in terms of flavor and I was so anxious to see the plates and the reactions of the guests as soon as they were done indulging in it. When a dish has intense flavor it’s usually so tricky when you want to pair it up with wine. So this had to be one of those dishes.
What should people know about wine & food pairing?

It’s a unique experience in terms of when you take a particular dish with a particular wine there is some sort of balance that you find in between. The wine kind of cleanses the palate of what you have eaten. So generally the whole concept is that when for instance I create a certain dish and pair it up with a wine, that dish is meant for that chosen wine alone. This is because the flavors of both the food and wine all blend together in a good way. Food and wine pairing is an experience worth a try and people should try it out, they will not only enjoy it but they will learn a whole lot more.