September 2, 2015

Sherry Beef Fillet Steak with Stuffed Potatoes Asparagus and Baby Corn

Our sherry beef fillet steak with stuffed potatoes asparagus and baby corn-Amazingly Delicious. Here is a recipe from our chef on how best you can prepare it.
•250g Beef fillet
•120g Potatoes
•12ml Double cream
•20ml Olive oil
•10ml High life sherry
•20g Asparagus
•15g Baby corn
•20g Mushroom
•30g White onion
•10ml Red wine
•4g Mustard
•60ml Beef stock
•40ml Chicken stock

•Peel the potatoes, scoop up some of the potato and stuff with some of the mushroom and bake in the oven 1600c for 15 minutes.
•Season the beef fillet with salt and pepper, panfry on high heat, and paste with butter.
•Lower the heat and cook on gentle heat.
•After removing the steak from the heat, in the same pan, deglaze with the wines and the sherry.
•Add some of the beef stock, double cream and mustard.
•In the mixture, add the beef and basil the steak with sauce. Cook until done.
•On a hot pan put the baby corn and asparagus, add a chicken stock and a pinch of salt and cover.
•Cook to a glaze until the vegetables are just cooked.
•Serve the food and drizzle with the sherry reduction.