August 27, 2015

Ways to Sneak in Vegetables for Breakfast.

Breakfast has immeasurable significance. It is the most important meal of the day that jumpstarts your metabolism and also boosts up your performance on your daily activities be it at school or work. To break away from the usual routine breakfast how about you give your breakfast meal a fresh twist by adding vegetables. On a nutritional basis the best way to sneak veggies into your meals will be at the start of the day. Getting a daily dose of veggies has health benefits to ones immune system. Based on this, here are 4 ways of how one can sneak some veggies into their breakfast:

1.Have your lunch salad for breakfast.
It is definitely a perfect idea to eat raw vegetables for breakfast especially when the weather is quite warm and favorable. Serve the salad with either a toast or scrambled or boiled eggs just to give it that breakfast feel. On our menu you can try out our delicious Quinoa Salad which suits a breakfast salad.

2.Take a smoothie
You can simply drink up your vegetables. Blend up your vegetables or greens and make a delicious smoothie. This is an easy way to make your breakfast, quick and healthy.

3.Load some vegetables on your pancake
To make your pancake have a veggie feel which is absolutely delicious you can shred the vegetables and stir it into the mix. This is definitely a new twist to the usual pancakes and truth be told it is a healthy and more delicious touch to the pancakes.

4.Serve your eggs with vegetables
Instead of the usual eggs served with toast. You can choose to serve them with veggies. It is definitely a good feeling to know you’ve managed to have your daily dose of greens. For breakfast you can cook some and have it with your eggs.

Vegetables definitely add a new and lovely twist to a breakfast meal. Any of the 4 ways will definitely give you all the healthy benefits of having your dose of veggies in the morning. Eat and eat more vegetables and what better way than as the first meal of the day.